Cat Sitting

If you are like me, your cat means the world to you - she is your baby, your princess! Don't just leave her in the care of a neighbor, let me be your cat sitter! She deserves lots of love, playtime, and most of all - comfort while you're away! As your cat's petsitter, I'm at her every disposal for:
  • Food and fresh water served at each visit in clean bowls
  • Brushing, cuddling, affection
  • Playtime with toys, laser, catnip
  • Litter box cleaning and maintenance
  • Clean-up of kitty messes in the house
  • Administration of any needed medication
  • Arranging for medical treatment in case of injury/illness
  • Bring in mail, packages and newspapers
  • Adjust blinds, rotate lights & water your plants
  • Other minor household tasks (add water to the pool, bring trash barrels to curb and put them away, etc.)
  • Text/email check in updates while you're away are available
  • I am glad to send you pictures of your cat having fun along with updates!


starting at $25.00 per visit*

*a surcharge may apply for some dates, locations and situations, please see RATES for more details